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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone take the High Performance Driving class?

Yes. The only requirements are a valid driver's license, and your own vehicle. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent and a liability waiver signed prior to class date. Oh, and of course a car that passes tech. inspection.

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What kind of car do I need to take the high performance driving class?

No car in particular is necessary; you could steal your grandma's Lincoln or come with your badass Civic, Vette or whatever else you want to max out! We like them all! But, they will need to pass Tech. Inspection.

You should have a certified mechanic check your vehicle and fill out our Tech Form prior to the event. All tech forms must be signed and handed in during check in.

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What about "Open Top" cars / Convertibles?

"Open Tops"/Convertibles are allowed provided they are equipped with a factory roll bar and/or aftermarket installed roll bar.

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Do I need a helmet or other protective gear?

All drivers regardless of the type of car are required to wear a helmet. All helmets must be in good condition and must meet at least an SA2010 or SA2015 certification. Helmets must not be expired (5 years past date of manufacture or earlier than SA2010) There are no exceptions to this rule. We do not have rental helmets available.

Seat belts must be in good working order. ALL stock seat belts meet our minimum requirements. All aftermarket harnesses are allowed as long as they are not out of date 7yrs from mfg date. It is not necessary to provide "Equivalent Protection' in terms of harnesses to your passengers however, they must wear a fully functional seat belt and/or harness system, must wear a helmet at all times and keep all limbs in the vehicle while on the course.

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What should I wear?

The only requirement is fully enclosed shoes like racing shoes/gym sneakers. No open toed shoes, sandals, etc. Other than that, dress comfortably, according to the weather. The first part of class will take place in the classroom, and the rest of the class will be outside on our mile long airstrip overlooking the bay. (Always dress in layers during cooler months. Airstrips are usually 10 degrees cooler or hotter depending on the day.)

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What should I bring with me?

See "Things to Bring" list.

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Are there Safety Rules and will they be enforced?

Yes. Safety rules and regulations will be reviewed at the beginning of the program. The Safety Rules are in place for a very good reason. This can be a dangerous sport if strict safety rules are not in place and enforced. Any driver operating their vehicle in an unsafe or malicious manner will be asked to leave. ADSI reserve the right to restrict any driver from events at our discretion. We do not ever expect this to be the case but we do have an obligation to provide a safe environment for everyone involved.

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What if I wreck my car?

You are responsible for all damage to your car and person. You may want to check with your insurance carrier on the issue. There are also organizations that can provide track insurance.

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Can I have a passenger or bring someone to watch?

Passengers are permitted, provided they sign the track waiver, and wear an appropriate helmet and seatbelt / harness. All passengers ride at their own risk, and are usually part of your tech crew, making vehicle adjustments.

Spectators are not allowed at the Quonset Facility; because these are education based classes, and not strictly race events, there is really no grandstand area. Due to these logistical problems, and as much as we'd like to, we can not adequately accommodate spectators at this time. At other open facilities they may watch at there own risk due to the fact we can not restrict them from a public venue.

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Can two people share one car? For the same price?

Yes/No. Two people are allowed to share a single car at an event provided that each driver separately completes all forms and each driver pays in full.

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Can I show up the day of an event and register?

YES. In most cases, this can be accomplished, if the event is near full or full. However, we ask that all drivers register through hpds.1adsi.com (High Performance Driving School link) a minimum of two weeks prior to event date. This helps us prepare and makes every event run much smoother.

Last minute entries will be accepted however all forms must be filled out prior to event and only cash will be accepted at the door. If everyone chooses to do this events will be cancelled. So this is not recommended, but sometimes happens.

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Can I get a refund if I need to cancel??

If you need to cancel for any reason, you can get a full refund if you cancel two weeks or greater prior to the event. If you have to cancel within less than 2 weeks prior to the event, we will give you a refund, less $50.00 to cover our expenses.

Remember, we run rain or shine so ADSI is responsible for payment once we reserve the date to allow you the opportunity to drive. Canceling due to weather will make our events unsuccessful. Events can be cancelled due to low enrollment.

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What about rain?

The event will run rain or shine. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather but are still responsible for the site rental, even if it rains.

For unusual situations such as flooding, heavy rain water, etc. we will make every attempt to work out a rain date. Please contact the event coordinator for rain delays and cancellations.

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